Sophia - November 2nd, 2017

Ron is a very kind man and understanding on the need of make/model I required. I recommend Richard Chan as a good driver and understanding also and patient. I will make a request referral to him for my brother David Paul Jr. I give them 5 stars - very good sales people!

James - November 1st, 2017

All staff was awesome and helpful. Janelle was spectacular and went above and beyond to get my car to me braving weather conditions! Thank you all for everything.

Nour H - October 31st, 2017

Thomas was great and efficient and very knowledgeable. Great service!

Lara W - Octber 30th, 2017

Arden is the best help when it comes to finding a new car and he definitely knows how to find what is just right for his customers. I love my new car and am so thankful for all he has done to help Zach and I get our own vehicles. He gets the entire process of finding a car done quickly and is very professional and friendly. Richard is such a friendly and enthusiastic delivery man and I'm so happy he made it safe and sound to Thunder Bay. I wish him a safe trip back and hope his next delivery is as fun and friendly as ours was!

Patricia - October 29th, 2017

Tai you work so quickly and efficiently - would recommend to anyone to use you. Thank you for being so fast. Best salesman to work with.

Michael M - October 28th, 2017

Everyone from start to finish, thank you for all, for everything. Keep up the good work.

Carson B - October 27th, 2017

Amazing help + driver was on time.

Amit K - October 26th, 2017

Ben, you've have been really helpful and communicative in your approach. I like your professionalism and on your toes attitude. Whenever I needed to communicate with you, you were available in minutes. Richard, has been very easy to talk to, very friendly. He knows the car and very thorough with the process. He had answers to all my questions.

Dany O - October 25th, 2017

Everything OK.

Kelsey K - October 24th, 2017

Eric and Ryan were AMAZING to work with! They made something impossible turn into something true! Great work guys! Will be working with them again in the future. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you again.

Jessica M - October 23rd, 2017

Great experience, overall. Ashley was great and very helpful. Richard explained everything in detail. Very pleased!

Brenda L - October 22nd, 2017

Anna was absolutely wonderful, very helpful and knowledgeable. Richard was always smiling, on time, very professional. This is the second time I got the pleasure of meeting Richard. He does a great job!

Tomas R - October 21st, 2017

Rocky treated us with respect and the car came very good and came like I saw no damage to the car. Rocky is the best and helped me in a good way. And Richard came on time and there was a bit of smiles and the car came safe.

Janice S - October 20th, 2017

This was an amazing experience. Thank you Chase for making this possible. My credit rating wasn't the best, but you found me an awesome car. The procedure was easy and I didn't truly believe this to be true until the car actually drove into my driveway. Definitely going to let my friends and family know about this great opportunity.

Temesgen T - October 19th, 2017

Everything is good.

Valerie R - October 18th, 2017

Service was amazing, Shimon is the best.

Jason L - October 17th, 2017

Minivan nation rides again. We never figured we would have been able to get this vehicle. We wouldn't have been able to do this without Auto Loans and their staff. They delivered above and beyond what we could have imagined. We love it. Thank you, Auto Loans and your staff. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

Brady C - October 16th, 2017

Valerie, you were amazing to deal with. Every phone call/text was a pleasure as I was able to get so much information about auto loans and the vehicle I chose. I will definitely refer you to anyone that is interested. Richard was very helpful and kind when he showed up with the vehicle. Thank you both.

Mark - October 15th, 2017

Great service with Tai. He was very prompt and he was over and above what we expected. Thank you sooo much!

Mary - October 14th, 2017

Allan was amazing. I'm not the easiest with my credit history and this has been an amazing experience. The delivery team was awesome. Genuine and informative.

Lynda - October 13th, 2017

Service was excellent! Thank you. Richard was a pleasure!

Brad S - October 12th, 2017

Quick, easy and straightforward.

Katrina - October 11th, 2017

Wonderful customer service - gave me a lot of loan options to work with. Helped me to understand everything very clearly.

Sandra B - October 10th, 2017

I was very happy with the service with Sanjeev. He did his very best to find me a new car. I am very happy with the car he found for me. Chanelle drove the car down to me, she was awesome to go through everything and greeted me very well. My whole experience was really good and would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you guys for everything.

Barry T - October 9th, 2017

Great overall experience. Thanks again.

Dominic V - October 8th, 2017

Good service! Quick and helpful!

Amber R - October 7th, 2017

I couldn't be happier with Less than a week from start to finish with the car being delivered right to my door.

Marie J - October 6th, 2017

Vany and Ryan did a very excellent job, and I am very happy with the new car I got today. I will refer you with other customers if they need a car in the next couple weeks. Thank you very much for your hard work.

Esther F - October 5th, 2017

Very friendly, pleasant, helpful. I appreciate the help offered. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Thank you.

Stephanie D - October 4th, 2017

Very quick to respond. Was very helpful. I would recommend his [Thomas] service to someone in the future.

Anthony K - October 3rd, 2017

Hi there, I want to say thanks very much for all your help. You guys have been great to deal with and I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Angela P - October 2nd, 2017

I found my experience to be fast, convenient and [will] recommend your business to anybody needing a car. I also like that next year I can call you again.

Elizabeth K - October 1st, 2017

I am very happy with the vehicle and with the excellent customer service provided by Niki Snoukphonh and Adrian Ng. So happy!

Vithuran - September 30th, 2017

Thank you so much for all your help, everything you have done. It's been so much work and it was on exact timing like promised. Loved the service.

Satesh N - September 29th, 2017

Vany, to be honest, what you have done for me is a lot. I still feel as if I owe you. This is a dream that you made come true. Thank you so much!

Helen N - Spetember 28th, 2017

Everything with the car looks good. The process was simple, fast and easy. The car was delivered right to my door with a smile. All is good!

Ashley C - September 27th, 2016

The initial communication was informative. The relationship developed and was good. Questions were answered. The delivery service was wonderful.

Joel N - September 26th, 2017

[The] driver, Jessica & Paul thoroughly explained [the] contract. Was happy with [the] delivery process.

Amanda P - September 25th, 2017

Varun was very helpful and pleasant to talk to.

Wyne O - September 24th, 2017

Richard delivered the car with the most respect and professionalism. The car is in beautiful shape, runs great, and Richard dealt with me very respectfully.

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