Brenda B - April 22nd, 2015

I would like to thank you for all your hard work in getting my vehicle. I am so pleased with the car. You kept me informed about what was happening and got me the best deal possible which was very difficult with my credit history but you managed. You were very cheerful and didn't make feel like I wasn't important. It was nice meeting you when I picked up my car.

Cassandra N - April 21st, 2015

Paul was great. Very patient and helpful. Overall great experience!

Margaret P - April 20th, 2015

Will was very nice and I am very pleased with him and I would highly recommend my friends or family to!

Darren T - April 17th, 2015

I must say you did an awesome job for me and much quicker than I expected. I'm enjoying my new wheels every day. Thanks so much for your help. I will definitely be letting people know about you. Thanks again!!

Don and MaryEllen - April 13th, 2015

We started to look for a new car or cars a couple of weeks ago. We went to a dealership and selected 2 cars to purchase. Given out credit history we knew it would not be easy to get someone to have faith in us. We waited 5 days to hear the work "NO". I found out that they only dealt with 3 lenders. Feeling somewhat defeated, I remembered being told about from a friend. I called and was picked up by a very pleasant young man named Ben. I told him what my husband and I were interested in getting and gave him our information. He told us they use over 20 lenders . Over the course of a few days (unfortunately Easter weekend was in the middle) we were in our 2 cars, a 2014 Toyota Corolla and a 2014 Ford Focus. The customer service we received was amazing. Ben was kind, informed and most of all patient. He put up with all my calls, e-mails and never ending questions with grace and professionalism. I thought I would not get a chance to meet Ben face to face and thank him as the cars were being delivered to our home. I opened the door and the young man introduced himself as Ben. I was so surprised and impressed that he came in person. We took care of the business and before we knew it, we had 2 beautiful cars. I would highly recommend Ben and They treated us like gold. We were never made to feel like we were not worthy. A week ago our first outing made us feel that we were not good enough. We felt that Ben was 100% invested in our car buying experience. I have already spoken to friends and family about Ben and hopefully he can help them as well as he did us.

Don and MaryEllen

Rafeeza G - April 9th, 2015

Thank you so much Devin, you have done a great job with my financing and finding me an excellent vehicle of my choice. I love it and keep up the good work! Thank you again!

Dianne L - April 8th, 2015

Ben has gone above and beyond for us! We truly appreciate his hard efforts in finding us the perfect family vehicle. From the minute we first called to the vehicle pick-up. Ben was patient, attentive and acted quick and professional. We will be back! Thank you Ben!

Joseph B - April 7th, 2015

Hello, my name is Joe. I just bought a 2014 jeep patriot from Sara at AutoLoanSolutions. Sara was quite persistent in securing me financing even with my credit issues, in the end she managed to work in past debt from a car loan at half the financing rate, and even found insurance for me and included the first and last insurance payments in the financing. This is by far the easiest and most convenient way to purchase a used vehicle where you can be sure your broker will find you the best rates and make you feel comfortable with your purchase while helping to rebuild your credit.

Paul & Taylor - April 6th, 2015

Ashley was amazing. I really enjoyed talking to her. I love my new car. Thank you so much for helping me find my first car! I will miss our talks on the phone.

Omarco H - April 5th, 2015

Thank you Ashley for all of your help. I want to thank you for going above and beyond and getting me this car loan. I will surely be recommending you to anyone that I know looking for a vehicle. Keep up the good work.

Franca B - April 4th, 2015

We were trying to buy a second hand car in Ottawa but could not get financing. We called in the Toronto area and within a week they got us a 2013 Dodge Dart SXT with very low mileage. Alexander Pertuz was a marvel to work with and within a week Alexander delivered our car. He went above and beyond to get us this car and I'm very grateful to him and to Humberview. I love this car and I'm very happy with it.

Daryl & Michelle J - April 2nd, 2015

Our experience was fantastic with our advisor Will. He was accommodating to what our family was looking for. He found us a vehicle that was suitable to what we as a family were looking for within our budget. Thank you for everything!

Natalie B - April 1st, 2015

I’m truly honored and so happy & satisfied that Autoloan solutions truly keeps their words !! I have received nothing but honesty and quick service I never thought would & could occur. My loan Officer Alex Pertuz was there for me when I thought no one could it help me. I will never look back, only forward to CarLoans.caolutions in less then 2 days I received my car that I wanted and Love!! Thanks so much, my recommendation will be send out to everyone I know they can get a car for sure!!

Saad S - March 31st 2015

I purchased my car from CarLoans.caolutions & Chevrolet Humberview with the help my Mr. Alex Pertuz and i was extremely happy with the service i was given. He treated me like a brother and not just a customer. He focused on what i wanted and needed and helped me make a good decision. He made getting the work done easy and approval fast. From the moment i walked through the doors of that dealership all the people there were very friendly and were congratulating me. I highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a vehicle to go to there and experience it for themselves!

Jerome S - March 26th, 2015

The best service ever, awesome!!!

Michael B - March 25th, 2015

I would definitely recommend the service here at HG Lina has been the best ever! Great information and service. The friendliest service that I have ever had and the best car ever as well.

Joby B - March 24th, 2015

My experience with my car loan has been perfect! I was put in the car that I wanted to buy fast and everything was done for me. The customer service was great and I would recommend to anyone.

Alex K - March 23rd, 2015

Thank you again for helping us out, you did an awesome job on working hard getting us a new truck last minute, for sure, i will let everyone know who to call for a vehicle!

Gary C - March 19th, 2015

Thank you, Will, you worked with my wife and I to get us into a vehicle that met our needs and price. I would recommend Will and to anyone looking to purchase a car.

Michel P - March 9th, 2015

Raymond at was very kind, thoughtful, and patient. Great service and great person!

Lloyd B - March 8th, 2015

Gabby has been perfect throughout the whole process - friendly and very polite and understanding. Thank you very much!

Cheryl & Chris B - March 7th, 2015

We would recommend you to anyone! You were great to deal with and very patient and cooperative. Thanks so much for all your help!

Fairlane C - March 6th, 2015

Thank you so much for your help I am very pleased with your services you have been amazing every step of the way! I am very happy with the quick service. Thanks again for everything!!

Paul Shears - March 5th, 2015

The service was amazing and fast, and Alex is very understanding and helpful. I would recommend anyone to!

Lucie B - March 4th, 2015

Working with Raymond has been an absolute pleasure! He has made this transaction possible no matter what the obstacles we faced. Raymond went above and beyond to deliver all of his promises. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. Awesome work, Raymond!

Tabitha D - March 2nd, 2015

Paul has been amazing. He has been very informative. He also kept me informed to what was going on with the vehicle. Thanks so much!

Sherry N - March 1st, 2015

Awesome experience with Arlette and! Great stress reliever for me. Great job!

Michael C - Feb 28th, 2015

Ashley was very easy going. I was well taken care of. She was very helpful. Thank you Ashley.

Mr and Mrs Brown - Feb 27th, 2015

Ryan we want to thank you for such a great work in finding us financing and also finding a car that works perfectly for our family in such a short time. Thank you very much!

Cynthia S - Feb 26th, 2015

Ashley, thank you for all your help and interest in assisting me in obtaining a vehicle, and more so in giving me the opportunity to rebuild my credit by securing a loan for me to purchase a car. I am truly grateful for all the patience, kindness and diligence you have shown to me over the past few days. A second vehicle is really needed in my family at this time and you made this all possible. I could go on and on but I just want to say thank you!!

Gregordio D - Feb 25th, 2015

Very happy with the level of service and professionalism provided by Paul! He helped us get into a brand new car at 0% financing and keep our payments within budget. I will definitely refer our friends and family. Thanks!

Andrew W - Feb 21st, 2015

Arlette was a great help during the process of getting a car loan and finding the perfect car to suit my needs. Thank you very much Arlette!!!

Linda A - Feb 20th, 2015

Arlette was a great person to work with. If I ever need another vehicle I would definitely go with her again. Very knowledgeable person for her job.

Emanuel W - Feb 12th, 2015

Looking to buy a car or a truck don't get stuck Alex Pertuz is the man, good or no good credit, not a bargains not a deal it real he will get you the vehicle of your choice if he can't then no one can, give him a call Today for your quick pre-approved at CarLoans.caolutions!

Mich V - Feb 10th, 2015

Paul, I would like to thank you so much for assisting me with such professionalism and genuine kindness during the difficult time of having to, on no notice at all, buy a new car, in the middle of the winter, which was not in my plans .

You have gone to as old people like me say ' the ends of the earth ' to find me the car that I wanted right down to the colour and most importantly, which was crucial for me, in a matter of literally 2 days. You and are to be commended for your efficiency and dedication, with the difficulties I have had in the past financially, you still trusted me and are giving me the opportunity to rebuild my credit and.... I will!

I also would like to thank and salute Theresa Sullivan for delivering a clean beautiful car to me on time promised, full tank of gas. WOW, when she walked into my house, I honestly felt like I was reunited with an old friend and my dogs Sting and Eli loved her and she petted them and even let them back in the house when I had put them out, pretty special LOL. She is a great asset to Auto Solutions, please give her my sincere thanks and regards, she is like me a 'natural born people person".

Lastly, rest assured Paul, that if in 10-12 months from now, the terms are 'right' I will do business with you again and I will recommend your services to anyone who might need your assistance.

Thank you a million times,

Beatrice V - Feb 9th, 2015

I am very satisfied with my experience from, it was great thanks Paul!

Bruce C. - Feb 6th, 2015

Ashley made everything wonderful. I appreciate all the assistance in accomplishing a long overdue dream!

Lewis B - Feb 5th, 2015

I would recommend Arlette with She got me the car I wanted quickly right in the middle of the holidays and always answered all of my questions. Thank you for your help.

Jonathan K - Feb 4th, 2015

Ashley was a great help to us. She answered all questions that we asked and was very polite. I would recommend her to anyone. We appreciate everything she has done for us over the last couple of weeks.

Sharon D - Feb 2nd, 2015

I had the privilege of meeting Cathy and found her service to be exceptional. She was very positive and considerate throughout this process which in turn put me at ease. Cathy's abilities around communicating with all parties involved and executing this process was exceptional and amazing! After my experience I will recommend Cathy to anyone of my friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you Cathy, your service is very much appreciated!

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