Why Owning Your Own Vehicle is Important

Why Owning Your Own Vehicle is Important

Public transportation has been on the rise for decades and for a good reason. Subway lines, express bus routes, short flights are all great ways to affordably get to where you need to be. However, there are times when public transportation just doesn’t cut it. A bus route stops short of your final destination and you are 2 transfers away from where you need to be, a party’s happening across town and it’ll take an hour to get to the subway, or cost a pretty penny by cab or Uber thanks to “surge pricing”. You may find yourself wondering if there is a faster way to get where you need to be without relying on someone/something else to get you there. If you are noticing this inconvenience as a reoccurring part of your daily routine, it may be time to get yourself your own vehicle.

1. Convenience:
While it isn’t difficult to pull up the latest bus schedule or order a Uber ride from your phone, finding your way around town can be a hassle when you have more than one stop to make. Furthermore, delays out of your control can put you unexpectedly behind on your schedule and traveling around town on public transit can be exhausting. Having a vehicle adds multiple conveniences to your everyday life. No more scheduling when you’ll be leaving and where you’ll be picked up from, just walk to your car. Delay on your route? Take another one! Exhausted from driving? Stop wherever you like for a break and a coffee, then get back on the road when you’re ready, at your convenience.

2. Commuting.

While you may have a great public transit plan outlined for your day to day, a personal vehicle really comes in handy when your visiting new places, taking short errands or exploring with the family. Having your own vehicle doesn’t mean you have to give up the things that you like about public transit but having a vehicle ready and available at a moment’s notice gets you where you need to be on time and without interruption.

3. The 9 to 5

One of the biggest advantages that we have to start our daily grind is owning our own vehicle. It conveniently gets us to work on time, in comfort, listening to the radio while enjoying that first morning cup of joe. The morning coffee run has now become a short stop at your local café on your way to work, rather than a mad dash to the shop near your office. Lunch can be off-site rather than being limited to the places in walking distance around the office and going anywhere other than home after your shift no longer requires strategic planning of the city’s transit.

Owning your own vehicle comes with plenty of advantages when it comes to your everyday life. It provides convenience, independence, ease and comfort when having to get around. Where public transit falls short, having your own vehicle will help you get to where you need to be in a timely and affordable fashion.

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