Top 5 Futuristic Cars For 2019

Top 5 Futuristic Cars For 2019

The way we drive today is nothing compared to what the future has in store. If automakers have anything to say about it, the future is looking autonomous and eco-friendly. These days, car designs are sleeker than they’ve ever been, with rider experience which at the core of many new vehicle designs.

In addition to all the cool in-car features, the slow elimination of the driver is a huge testament of where automakers see the world going. The future of car design is focused on maximizing passenger capacity and implementing impressive, autonomous software technology for a driverless future. It’s incredible to see where the technology is taking us and how it’s going to transform the way we commute.

To illustrate the direction we’re heading into, here are some of the top futuristic cars for 2019. While some of them are merely concept cars and others expected to hit the market by the end of the year or so — here’s a sneak peak at what the future of automotive has in store.

Bosch’s 2019 concept autonomous shuttle.


As we continue to push forward with automated vehicles, Bosch is taking it a step forward with presenting their concept autonomous shuttle. It’s box shape is made to help maximize interior space and comfortably sit four passengers. It’s impressive floor-to-ceiling windows also give riders unobstructed views while they’re on the road. But if that’s not enough to entertain them, their infotainment screens (much like iPads) can be used to read digital e-books or catch up on the latest Netflix series, thanks to their on-board wifi connection. Driving to a new area of the city that you’ve never been to? As an added bonus, the infotainment system also provides details on the final drop-off destination. The system will give you details on the weather as well as give you store and restaurant recommendations in the area.

Now it doesn’t stop there. Bosch plans to utilize camera-based technology and sensors to help ensure that passengers have the best ride possible. It can detect whether or not passengers have left something behind, alerting them if they do before they even leave the vehicle. So no more forgotten wallets or cellphones! The technology will also ensure passenger safety when they exit the vehicle, informing them whether or not it’s a safe time to open the door and get out of the car.

The Bosch is expected to be fully automated with built-in technology that will allow the car to operate fully on its own. The software will allow the vehicle to control the in-car air condition, determine if there’s enough battery power to take passengers to their final destination and automatically take itself out-of-service if they need to go to a charging station.

The Bosch concept vehicle shows the investment they have in the ridesharing economy as they hope riders will be able to take advantage of this technology through some sort of ridesharing app like Uber or Lyft. While it’s unknown when this vehicle will hit the road, Bosch predicts autonomous shuttles are going to play a big part in our futures, predicting that million of them will hit roads all over the world by 2020, going up to an estimated 2.5 million by 2025.

Mercedes-Benz’s 2019 Vision EQ Silver Arrow.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow

For a vehicle that looks like it’s straight out of a movie set, the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow combines technology and futuristic design unlike any other. If you have a need for speed, the vehicle surely doesn’t disappoint with a claim of 750 horsepower and acceleration that can go from 0 to 60 mph in two seconds.
It features a blue LED lighting that highlights the entire frame of the vehicle, also indicating the car’s full electric capabilities. The style continues on the inside of the vehicle which features a panoramic screen across the windshield. While it’s not implemented yet, Mercedes hopes to incorporate 3D imaging for a truly immersive driving experience. This feature is complemented by the touchscreen made on the steering wheel as well. This is accented with their sophisticated brown leather interior seating and aluminum finishes, which pays ode to some of their traditional styles.

As you’ve probably noticed, this is definitely not a car you can take on road trips with friends, as it’s a simple one-seater vehicle. While Mercedes-Benz combines luxury style with some futuristic elements, it’s definitely not a car made for practicality. With that said, it would give you some serious bragging rights if you got the chance to drive this bad boy on the road.

Mercedes-Benz Urbanetic concept car.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic

Mercedes-Benz has also premiered an innovative concept car called the Urbanetic which also speaks to where they think the future of automotive is headed. Depending on who you ask, the alien-looking aesthetic isn’t the best, but the idea of the vehicle itself is truly innovative and versatile. It can be whatever you want it to be in the moment — a commuter or a delivery vehicle. If you’re looking into the cargo set-up, the vehicle can hold up to 10 standard packages which would greatly revolutionize the delivery industry (hello, Amazon!). Since the vehicle is fully automated, in theory, the vehicle could make deliveries during any time of the day, including overnight which could help expedite delivery services.

As a shuttle car, the vehicle can hold up to 12 passengers — a great option for the rideshare community and easy way to help ease congestion on the roads. To help complement the technology, the car will also feature impressive in-car software that communicates with passengers to inform them of things like when it’s safe to open the door and get out of the vehicle.

Hyundai Elevate four-legged concept car.

Hyundai Elevate

Here’s a concept car that definitely has some legs. Hyundai’s Elevate vehicle will definitely turn heads if it ever hits the road as it literally features a set of legs that can drive, walk or climb depending on the environment that it’s in and the situation it encounters. The concept for the car first came to mind as a vehicle made for first responders and emergency personnel trying to navigate complicated terrain and hard-to-reach places. The legs on this vehicle is what truly sets it apart as it can drive, climb walls and step over five foot gaps in the ground. All this while keeping passengers at level, seated comfortably in the main vehicle compartment. It can also be used as a wheelchair-accessible vehicle which can easily adjust its height to easily pick up and drop off physically disabled passengers without issue. This is a vehicle that’s literally ready for anything!

While there is no physical concept vehicle to admire just yet, once it comes into place (if nobody beats them to the punch, that is!), the Hyundai Elevate will truly revolutionize how we drive here on earth and other planets, potentially! Besides the need to have a vehicle like this here on earth, Hyundai believes their car could also help with planetary exploration — which would cement the Elevate as futuristic and out of this world!

Byton M-Byte vehicle, going into production in late 2019.

Byton M-Byte

Set to go into production in late 2019, here’s a car you actually have right in your driveway by 2020 — the Byton M-Byte. It features an impressive 48-inch video screen taking up the entire front dashboard as well as in-car gesture control technology. It also includes futuristic features like BYTON Intuitive Access, which uses facial recognition technology to open your doors (who needs keys these days anyway?).

And no need for rearview mirrors! The vehicle replaces them with rear view cameras instead. It’s also the first car to offer 5G support built into its system so you and your passengers can stay connected at all times. It also includes Amazon Alexa technology in the car’s software system so the driver can take advantage of smart voice technology to help the control navigation, music and more.

Potentially the coolest part of the vehicle is the level 3 autonomous driving capabilities it has, which allows drivers to leave the driving entirely up to the car if they want. The vehicle will ask for driver assistance from time to time depending on the situation or conditions of the road, but the technology is advanced enough to allow the driver to give up some of their driving responsibilities.


Probably one of the most hotly anticipated vehicles expected to hit the market is the iCar — if it ever comes, that is! There have been rumours of an Apple car hitting the automotive sector for years, but the company has been very tight-lipped about whether or not it’s happening.

There have been reports of an iCar project since 2015, with a projected launch date of 2020. But things started to look grim when Apple laid off 200 employees off of their reported car pilot project at the beginning of 2019. Now it’s pretty unclear where the company is at and whether they’ve thrown out their pilot project entirely — but something says they’re not done yet. Industry insiders expect that their predicted electric vehicle is still quietly in the works, away from the prying eyes of people in the automotive industry. Since they’ve hit the mainstain, Apple has constantly been on the forefront of groundbreaking technology — getting into the automotive game only makes sense for a company who always wants to stay at the top of the pack.

When looking into the future of automotive, it’s looking bright for both car affectionados drivers and riders alike. Based on some of the features we’re seeing now, some things are for certain — driving is becoming driverless and ridesharing will only start to grow in popularity, especially with the mainstream introduction of autonomous cars.

From there, the world as we know it will only start to accelerate with the increased usage of subscription car services, improved delivery industry and more. The craziest part about it all? We may be a part of one of the last generations of people that require the skill to drive. No matter what the future holds, if you want to grab a temperature at where the industry is going — checking out the concept vehicles that some of the biggest automotive companies have prepared, is a great way to see where things are headed.

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