Four Ways To Be In Control Of Your Money

Four Ways To Be In Control Of Your Money

Life happens. Sometimes it’s unexpected like an accident or a sudden health emergency. Other times it’s expected and planned like a new house or deciding to go back to school. Regardless of what life brings our way, money is always a factor. Being prepared and comfortable around the subject of money is the beginning of a better relationship with our finances.

Here are a few ways that you can be proactive about money in your life;


Educate yourself on money – Take the time to do some research online and find the many excellent resources out there. The idea is to better understand money and how you can use it to further your life. Don’t let other people make the decisions for you. Educate yourself on money so that you can take control of your finances. It doesn’t matter if you currently have a lot of money or very little money, there is a language to learn here, and it will help you make better decisions. You can make time to visit your bank and speak to an advisor. You may speak with several advisors before finding one that connects with you and that you’re comfortable talking to. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t know much about saving and other financial topics. Be honest with yourself and learn what the options are for you.


Have a plan – Having a plan is so important. If you don’t know where you’re going, then it’s impossible to be prepared. Having a plan can reduce so much anxiety about money. Even when unexpected events sneak up in your life, having a plan can help lower some of that stress. You can start with a simple list at home with the different areas you want to allocate money to; rent, car payments, groceries, travel, shopping, school. Then divide your income accordingly. A financial planner can help you do the same and save money along the way.


Ask for help – It’s ok to ask for help. Whether you’re asking for advice or financial assistance, it’s better to ask for help than to find out later you had the option and didn’t take it. Sometimes asking for help can mean getting to your goal faster and with less stress. Getting financial assistance in the form of a loan can often push you towards your next step in life. Perhaps you’ve been offered a job that’s further from home than you had anticipated. You can explore taking the transit, or you can ask for a car loan to help you get a car to commute with. The car will give you more time to do other things before and after work. Getting a car loan can be easy and stress-free too. You can find out more about car loans here and see how easy is it to apply and get help through picking out the right car and payment options. It really comes down to asking for help and picking the options that work best for you.


Protect yourself – When you start planning, you can set aside a little extra for the unexpected. Perhaps you can ask if you have enough insurance coverage for disability. Ask your advisor what the recommended amount is to save for emergencies or unforeseeable changes that may arise in the future.


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