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Why Credit Matters for Car Loans


You have probably already been looking into obtaining a car loan, hence why you are here, right? Chances are you have checked all the comparison sites and contacted local dealerships, but nothing has given you a success story (or even a glimpse of one).


All these websites will have rejected you due to your credit score that, before you started your search, you probably thought this aspect had no bearing on whether or not you could claim a car loan. Unfortunately, thanks to the disappointments you have faced, you will now know that you were wrong. 


When you are trying to acquire a car loan in Toronto, lenders will need proof — reassurance, essentially — that you are financially able to pay off your loan, should they give it to you. How do they check your ability to do this? Through your credit score. In their eyes, this is a reliable, measurable figure that defines your financial responsibility. The larger the number, the more trustworthy you are to them. 


But here at we know that there are multiple reasons why your credit score may not be wonderful. And yes, a lot of these are fully out of your control — we know, it’s horribly unfortunate and is why it can be so difficult to obtain a car loan in Toronto. 


Thankfully, you have found us, so the panic is now over! We are here to find you a loan, regardless of your credit score and current financial situation.


Toronto Car Loans with


At we understand that life doesn’t always go the way you planned and there could be a variety of factors that have left you feeling trapped behind your less-than-good credit score. Here, we work with a wide variety of banks and lenders so we can find you the best approval rate, regardless of your credit. 


Our online application system — which, by the way, is absolutely free to use — works exceptionally quickly to get your loan approved within minutes. Simply fill out the form and we’ll ring you back to discuss the process and your personal vehicle needs. It really couldn’t be made any easier!


Yes, applying for a loan with us does affect your credit, which is just how it works, no matter which loan vendor you send an application to. However, there is no need to worry as submits you to a carefully selected batch of lenders who are most likely to approve you. In this sense, we are very different from other organisations who will send out your application, without much thought, to numerous lenders and hope that one of them will send you an approval. This is truly detrimental to your credit score, so we review your situation and only send to guaranteed lenders.


We have been serving Toronto with our unbeatable car loans for over twenty years. Why did we start? Well, we recognised a huge gap in the market for a car loan service that is customer focused, so we decided to go ahead and fill the hole. 


Our track record of thrilled customers proves that we know all there is to know about our industry — we have fantastic working relationships with credit unions, banks and other lenders so we score significantly lower interest rates than any other car company you are aware of.


We do not expect you to take our word for it though! We have plenty of customers’ testimonials that can prove to you that everything we say is not just an empty promise. With so many years in the industry, we’ve come to understand what’s required and what’s not in order to create the ideal customer experience.


Our customers are so happy with the results of working with us that they more often than not leave us glowing reviews. In reality, this is probably the best way for us to show you exactly what kind of work we can do, so feel free to check them out for yourself at your leisure.


Not to mention, all your personal information is kept completely private! A lot of other loan services will share your details with third parties, we promise to never do this — ever. All of our customers really value this fact and take pride in this too.

No matter what your credit situation looks like — none, bad, good, new, old — can assist you in obtaining the car loan in Toronto that you have been searching for.


New to Credit


Toronto’s loan application system is a very tricky thing to get through if you are new to credit. As you are fresh on the market, you will be seen as a risky investment to the lender as you can’t provide proof that you can actually pay back your loan — whether you actually can or not is a different story. Basically, if you haven’t got a long credit history, they don’t want to know you.


Besides the fact that entering into the car loan market can be difficult as someone who is new to credit, it can also be an overwhelming and daunting experience. This is why we will always provide you with all the help and advice you need to make it as stress free as possible for you and your loved ones. We’re well-used to helping people out when it comes to securing approval for an automobile loan without a credit score because you’re new to the entire world of living a financial life (we were all there at one point or another).


Fortunately for you, there are still options out there for you to be approved for a loan. Here at we guarantee to never rest until we find each and every one of our customers their perfect loan. You can solely rely on us to sort your situation out, as we accept all credit scores, regardless of the circumstance.


All of our clients are given their very own account manager who will always be there to ease your worries and help you along the whole journey. Plus, our one-to-one, personal services enable us to find you nothing except the best deal on the market, meaning you will receive the lowest interest rate possible based on a number of factors.


Newcomers to Canada


Much like being new to credit in general, if you are new to credit in Canada specifically, you will have an increasingly hard time finding a car loan approval in Toronto. Why? Unfortunately, your credit score doesn’t follow you across country borders — that would just be far too helpful! If you have just moved here, you are going to have to rebuild your credit history all over again.


Whether you use your car a lot or hardly at all, starting from scratch is a ridiculously slow process. Moving is stressful enough, so we at decided to make your life a little bit easier by providing newcomer car loans in Toronto. Trust us — you will be approved!


Once we have approved your application, you can browse the catalogue of specially curated vehicles — we have over 7000 cars on our books, by the way — and make a decision about the one you want. But what is the best part you ask? Well, we will personally deliver the car straight to your door — tell us a date that suits you, as well as your location and sit back, relax and wait for your new car to come to you. 


Why do we do this? Well, here at we understand that you all lead extremely busy lives and so, you more than likely do not have the time to sort out a lift or take the local bus to pick up your car. All our employees take a lot of pride in all services — this one in particular — as we are given a unique opportunity to improve your life right from the word go.


No Credit Score


Potentially, you could be without a credit score at all. This is a challenge when it comes to applying for a car loan in Toronto. We never want you to panic about this because there are a lot of reasons why you do not have a credit score. For example, you may have just turned 18 and applied for your first credit card — in this case, you won’t have any data to coagulate.


Additionally, you may not have used your credit card enough to produce figures to be collected and analysed to decipher your score. Whatever the case may be, this should never be the reason you are refused a loan. 


Don’t worry, having no credit score will not stop you from acquiring a loan with! Our unique services provide no credit, car loans to those who have found themselves in this unfortunate circumstance. Your score will be built up in no time at all with


Bad Credit Score


Bad credit is probably the first reason you thought of when pondering hinderances on obtaining a car loan in Toronto. Banks and lenders see your poor score as a threat to the safety of the loan they offer you and therefore, are hardly likely to approve it. However, as we have already mentioned, we at know that this isn’t necessarily true.  


We will never judge you because of your credit score — so please don’t feel worried or anxious about that! Our personable and highly qualified staff members are approachable and friendly so you will feel at ease talking to them about your situation. They will always find you an approval, so now, rest easy in this knowledge and get in contact.


Thankfully, our speciality lies in bad credit card loans. This means we can make sure to get all your credit applications approved, regardless of your current credit score circumstance. 


Not only will your account manager get you an approval, they will also give you unbeatable tips for ways in which you can improve your credit score over time. Making regular, timely repayments is one of the major ways to heighten your credit score — your personal advisor will tell you this though. In this sense, a car loan is a wonderful way to fix your credit in Toronto. 


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Once you have chosen as the right option for your loan request, you are guaranteed approval, so really, what is stopping you? We guarantee to provide car loans in Toronto to any individual who can’t receive one through a bank or other type of lender. We promise that we’re able to help you — a promise based on the hundreds upon hundreds of successful applicants we’ve helped to figure out how they can get themselves a car.

Contact us right away if you have any queries about the application process. Don’t worry — we won’t keep you long as we know you want to be driving down Toronto’s streets again as soon as possible.