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Why Credit Matters for Car Loans


So, you’re here because you’ve been trying to get a car loan – correct? We’re assuming you’ve been checking all the usual comparison websites and have even got in contact with your local dealers, but it’s all come to nothing and you feel like there is no hope of ever obtaining the perfect loan for you?


The fact is that most of these sites will have refused your application on account of your credit score. Most people think that their credit scoring has no influence on their chances of succeeding with a car loan claim. However, after numerous attempts and failed applications on various sites, we’re guessing that you’ve now realised that this is simply not the case. 


When seeking to acquire a car loan in Scarborough, most of the lenders will need evidence that you are financially viable and have the ability to pay off your loan, if you are granted one. So how do lenders check this out? They use your credit score. They consider this to be a dependable and calculable figure that represents a clear window into your financial responsibility. As far as the lender is concerned, as your credit score increases, so does your financial viability. 


However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Here at we are fully aware that there are numerous reasons why your credit score may not be as great as you’d expect it to be. It’s true that a lot of these issues are essentially out of your control … and that is why it is usually really difficult to get the car loan that you need in Scarborough. 


But you’ve stumbled upon us now and so you can relax in the knowledge that we can do something to assist. We guarantee to find you a loan, irrespective of your credit score and your financial situation.


Scarborough Car Loans with


The team at is more than aware that we cannot be held accountable for those unlucky events that are simply out of our control; and we know that there are a variety of situations in your past that have caused you to become hindered by a negative credit score. Thanks to our affiliations with a broad selection of banks, credit companies and lenders, we are perfectly placed to finding you the best possible approval score, never mind your credit situation. 


Our clever online application system is totally free to use and provides you with a super-fast approval for your loan. Just complete the form and we’ll then contact you to talk about the procedure and your own specific vehicle requirements. It doesn’t get any easier than that!


It goes without saying that when you apply for a loan with us it will affect your credit. That’s just the nature of the beast, and it doesn’t matter which loan company you apply to – there will always be a bearing on your credit score. That said, you mustn’t worry about apply to us, as takes great pains to ensure that we send your application to a carefully chosen group of lenders who we know are more than likely going to provide you with a positive response. This is what makes us very different to other companies who tend to send out your application form to all and sundry without really considering the consequences of possible negative feedback. This will be massively harmful to your credit score, so that is why we evaluate your situation very carefully and send it only to those lenders who are guaranteed to respond favourably! 


We can look back at over twenty years of working in the Scarborough area; obtaining unbeatable car loans for countless happy customers. We realised that the car loan market was missing a service that is truly customer focused – so we thought we’d have a go at bridging it. 


Just take a look at our history of happy customers and you’ll see that we know everything there is to know about the car loan area. We value and maintain our excellent relationships with various credit unions, banks and other lenders, which means that you can benefit from the considerably lower interest rates we can obtain – rates that are beyond compare in the industry.


But why should you take our word for it? Check out all the customer testimonials and feedback that vouch for what we are saying – it’s not all sales pitch and empty promises! If you’re curious about what our past clients have to say, simply check them out on our site.


It’s also important for you to know that all your personal information and data is kept completely private and confidential. We never pass your information on to third parties! We take pride in the data protection we offer our customers.

So, irrespective of your credit situation — none, good, bad, ugly — the search is over! can really help you to achieve that much desired car loan in Scarborough.


New to Credit


The loan application system in Scarborough can be very complicated if you are not used to the process. If you’ve not applied for a loan before, you will be considered a “risky investment” to any lender, as you can’t actually prove that you are capable of paying back the loan you’ve requested, even if you know you can. When all is said and done, if you don’t have a long credit history or you are completely new to the industry, lenders won’t want to know you. It’s a chicken and egg situation.


That first toe dip into the world of car loans can be very difficult for someone who is new to the scene – it can also be a fairly unnerving experience. That’s why we always endeavour to give you the assistance and assurances you will need to help make the situation as easy and positive as possible. 


All is not lost. There are still plenty of avenues that we can take towards obtaining an approved loan. The team at never rest on our laurels, and we do our utmost to ensure that every single one of our customers obtains the perfect loan for them. You can depend on us to help you out – we’ll accept your credit score, irrespective of how negative or hopeless the situation may seem.


Your custom is valuable to us, and you will be appointed your own personal account manager who will be there at all times to help you through the process and alleviate any concerns that you may have. Our customer-facing, personalised service means that we are best placed to finding you an ideal car loan, so you can enjoy the lowest possible interest rate that takes into consideration a variety of factors. 


Newcomers to Canada


It’s all very well being new to the credit scene, but this can feel even more daunting if you are also new to the credit system in Canada, as you will have a really hard time finding approval for a car loan in Scarborough if you’ve not lived in the country long. It doesn’t seem fair, but your credit score doesn’t apply throughout the world. If you’ve lived outside of Canada, that’s exactly where your credit score remains. You’re going to have to re-establish your credit history all over again.


Whether a frequent or infrequent car user, we know that having to start your credit history from scratch can be a long and laborious process. Having to relocate to another country is not without its stresses, so our team at do our utmost to make things a little easier for you by provider a range of “newcomer loans” here in Scarborough. We can assure you that you’ll be approved!


And, having approved your application, you can then take a leisurely look through our catalogue of vehicles that we have chosen specifically for you – we have over 7000 vehicles – and pick the one that best suits your needs. Also, to make your life even easier, we will then personally deliver your car straight to an address of your choosing. You tell us a date that works for you, give us the address, and just wait for your new car to be brought to you – safe in the knowledge that you’ve made the perfect choice using the perfect loan. So why do we offer that service? At we know that you have an extremely busy life, and the last thing you need to worry about is sorting out a lift or working out the public transport system so that you can come and collect your vehicle. Our staff take tremendous pride in all the services we offer to our customers, and this particular one is a real favourite, as it means that we can improve your life right from the start!


No Credit Score


It could be that you have no credit rating at all – a bit of an issue when trying to apply for a car loan in Scarborough. But don’t despair! We know that there are plenty of reasons why you do not have a credit score. Perhaps you’ve only just turned 18 and have applied for your first ever credit card – so there will be no data logged anywhere. 


It might also be the case that you’ve not actually used your credit card enough to produce figures that can then be collected and evaluated in order to work out your credit score. Whatever the reason, you should still be able to apply for a car loan; having no 

credit score will not prevent you from acquiring a loan with Our bespoke range of services offer no-credit car loans to people who have found themselves in this particular situation. With your score will be built up in no time at all!


Bad Credit Score


When considering an application for a car loan, we are fully aware that a bad credit situation is one of the prevailing reasons why you may think that obtaining a loan will only bring you bad news in Scarborough. Any bank or lender would probably take one look at your poor rating and see it as a blocker, as you may not be viable and would probably not be able to pay back any loan that is granted – so they are hardly likely to approve it. But never fear – at we know that this isn’t necessarily the case.  


Don’t worry about a negative credit score. We don’t judge your situation on that basis. Our friendly, highly-qualified employees will make you feel totally at ease when talking to them about your personal circumstances. An approval can always be obtained, so there is nothing to worry about.


We specialise in bad credit card loans; ensuring that you can get approval for all your credit applications irrespective of your present credit scoring. 


Your account manager will get you an approval and also offer you some invaluable information on ways in which you can improve your credit scoring. One failsafe method of obtaining a more positive rating is to make consistent, punctual payments; but your personal advisor will give you more information about this. So, it makes sense to take out a car loan, as this is the perfect way to start sorting out your credit score in Scarborough.


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Having selected as the perfect choice for your loan application, we can guarantee you an approval, so don’t delay and contact us today. We pledge to offer car loans in Scarborough to anyone who is having trouble receiving one through a standard bank or other source. We look forward to helping you.


Contact us immediately should you have any questions or queries about the application procedure; and don’t worry, we always provide a fast and efficient service.