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Why Credit Matters for Car Loans


We imagine that you have already been researching all there is to know about acquiring a car loan. Maybe you have checked the price comparison sites and even applied for some directly but with no such luck. 


You might have discovered that all your applications have been rejected but you are not too sure as to why. Chances are that it is because of your credit score. Before you began searching for a loan, you probably that that this side of things didn’t come into play… unfortunately, you now know that your credit score plays a huge part in the dance of car loans.


When attempting to obtain a car loan in North York, lenders will want to see proof that you are well and truly able to pay off your loan if they give one to you. Your credit score is how they will check your reliability. For these lenders, this is a measurement of your financial responsibility — the bigger the number, the more they will trust you. 


However, here at Auto Loan Solutions we understand that there is a whole plethora of reasons why your credit score is quite low. Don’t worry, the majority of these reasons are completely out of your control; it is just woefully unfortunate that this is why it will be tricky to get a car loan in North York.  


Fortunately, you have stumbled upon us at the right time! We exist so we can find you a loan, no matter what your credit score and financial situation look like.


North York Car Loans with


At we know that life can throw you huge curve balls that, among other things, could damage your credit score. But you don’t have to feel stuck behind your somewhat bad number! We have a brilliant working relationship with numerous banks, credit unions and other lenders so this allows us to be able to find you the best possible approval rate. 


We operate a very quick and efficient online application process that is totally free and can have you approved and waiting for your new set of wheels in no time. All you have to do is fill out the form, then wait a few minutes for us to ring you back to discuss the whole process and any vehicle requirements you have.


Regardless of who you apply for a loan with, it will affect your credit score. This is something that even our expert gurus can’t change for you — it’s an annoying fact of life. However, we will never submit you to places that you are unlikely to get approved from (yes, this is what other car loan companies do; we don’t agree, and you shouldn’t either!). We carefully curate a handful of lenders who we know will accept you and only talk with these. This way, we aren’t unnecessarily damaging your credit score!


Twenty years we have been in this industry, serving North York and building up a fabulous portfolio. How did we break through into this market? Well, we saw a gap in the market for a customer-focused car loan service, so we made up our minds and decided to plug in the gap.


Our huge, happy client base clearly shows that we know everything that we should (and more) about our industry. The working relationships we have with credit unions and banks, as we mentioned briefly earlier, are how we are able to win the lowest interest rates — trust us, they are probably lower than you think. 


Are you thinking that we have all the bark without the bite? Well, our client testimonials will prove otherwise — and if you’re wondering exactly what it is they have to say about our services, have a look for yourself.


When it comes to your personal information, we ensure we keep it to ourselves and never spread it around other. Many other loan companies will sell your details with third parties, which we simply do not agree with, so we will never do this. We take a huge amount of pride in our privacy policy, as do our customers.


Regardless of what your credit situation looks like — the good, the bad, or even the ugly — can help you to acquire the car loan in North York that you have been looking for. 


New to Credit


Applying for a loan in North York can be a really hard thing to do if you are new to credit. Being completely fresh in the game, lenders will see you as a very risky investment as you won’t be able to prove that you can pay back your loan, even if you can. Long credit histories are what lenders will look for, if you don’t have that, they don’t want to know you.


It will be difficult to enter into this market as someone who is new to cred but, perhaps more than that, it can be really confusing and overwhelming too. This is why we guarantee to provide you with tailored help and advice to make the process as stress free as possible. 


Don’t panic, there are still options available for you to be approved for a loan.  will work as hard as possible to find every single one of our customers their ideal loan. As you now know, we accept all credit scores so you can rely on us to sort your circumstances out.


Once becoming a client of ours, you will be handed your own account manager who is on hand to ease any of your anxieties and guide you along this path. Not to mention that, thanks to our staff team who are incredibly experienced in their field, you are promised to receive the lowest interest rate on your loan possible. 


Newcomers to Canada


If you have only just moved to Canada, you will have a very difficult time finding someone to approve your car loan in North York. Why is this? Unluckily for us all, credit scores don’t follow us from country to country — wouldn’t it be great if it did? This means if you are new here, you are going to have to start to rebuild your credit score from scratch. 


Starting all over again is a slow process and moving is far too stressful as it is. Here at, we want to make your life easier by giving newcomer loans in North York. You will be approved with us, rest easy!


Did we mention we have 7000 cars in our catalogue? If we didn’t, you sure know now! When we approve your application, you can have a look at all of these and decide which one you would like. Even if you don’t have time to come and collect your car, it is not a problem. We deliver your car straight to your exact location so you can carry on with your life!

Why do we provide this service? Well, all of us here at understand that everyone leads fast-paced lives so you probably do not have the time to use public transport to get to us, or sort yourself a lift. Our entire staff team is extremely proud to do this for our customers because this way, we can improve your life from day one.


No Credit Score


Not having a credit score at all will prove to be a huge challenge when it comes to applying for a car loan in North York. However, please don’t worry about this because there are a number of reasons why you do not have a credit score. If you have just turned 18 and only now applied for a credit card, you won’t have any data to be analysed, so a score can’t be generated for you.


Additionally, even if you have had a credit card for years, you might not have used it that much which means there are not enough instances to be coagulated and formed into a credit score. Regardless of your circumstance, this should never be the sole reason that you are denied for a loan.  


Having no credit score doesn’t have to be a massive barrier when it comes to getting approved for a car loan with This just isn’t a problem for us. Our one-of-a-kind services give no credit, car loans to anyone that has found themselves in this below average circumstance. You can guarantee that your score will be built up quicker than you can say ‘help me’ with


Bad Credit Score


Bad credit may have been your first negative thought you had when thinking about all the reasons why you could not obtain a car loan in North York. Credit unions, banks and the like consider your low score a threat to any loan they hand you. However, just like we have previously established, here at,we understand that this isn’t necessarily true.  


You might be anxious or feel uncomfortable about talking with us about your credit situation, but we really don’t want this to be the case! All our employees are highly skilled, friendly and approachable so you are bound to feel at home when discussing your circumstances — you just need to take that first step. Your personal account manager will find you the right approval for you, so sit back and relax, your work is done. 


We specialise in bad credit, car loans which means we can always find you the lowest interest rates and have you approved in no time, no matter what your current credit situation looks like. 


Our help doesn’t end here, however. Aside from working on your successful approval, our team will let you know the many ways in which you can start working towards a good credit score. One of the main ways we suggest — make regular payments on time to pay off the loan, it is a sure-fire way to be debt-free quicker. Of course, there are other ways to better your score, but you will be told all of this once you have applied and started the process.


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Take the plunge and apply with us at today — we promise you won’t regret it, and we only promise that because of just how many happy working experiences we’ve had with customers in the past. If you have tried to have your application approved by banks and credit unions but to no avail, then leave it with us; we are experts in providing car loans to the people of North York. 

Contact us right now with any questions about the application process. It only takes a few minutes, and, after that, you can go about your day and wait for your brand-new car to arrive!