Car Loans Mississauga


Does it take a miracle to get you, someone with challenged credit, a car loan in Mississauga? No. It does not. What it takes is us — a group of people who will never judge your circumstances and understands how great a vehicle could be in helping you provide for your family and better your life. 


Here at, we help those with credit problems to get behind the wheel of a car that is perfect for them. But that isn’t all we aim to do. Our most important objective is to use the car loan as a resource which will improve your credit score over time (killing two birds with one stone, if you will). How do we do that? Well, we will offer you a selection of vehicles that you can afford the loan repayments for easily, so it doesn’t hinder but actually improves your credit profile. 


You will have a fantastic credit history after a while, once you pay the loan back on time each month. The procedure is quick, simple and convenient so you do not waste any time out of your hectic life to apply. We want to make it an entirely stress-free time in your life, so we do most of the grunt work for you! 


How to Apply for Car Loans in Mississauga


The first stage of the application process is for you to fill in the form that is situated on our website. It will only take a few moments because we ask for basic information that you will know the answer to without having to take much time to think about it. In the beginning, we aimed to make the entire procedure uncomplicated and simple to understand — thankfully, we have been able to do just that. 


After you have pressed the “Get Approved” button, you should expect to receive a call from your dedicated Finance Manager who will talk you through the rest of the application and finish it off for you. He or she will then scour our extensive database of loan lenders to find you one with the best repayment terms and lowest interest rates. This is so you can make each monthly payment on time and start rebuilding your not so great credit score easily. 


Once you have gained approval for the loan, we will begin with the most exciting step — choosing your vehicle! Luckily for you, we have an inventory of over 5,000 brand-new and used cars of all different makes and models, including, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, Audio, Hyundai, KIA, GMC, Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler. There will certainly be a few that tickle your fancy.


Next, you will tell us which vehicle (car, van, SUV or truck) that you wish to go for and we will finish the paperwork side of things. As we’ve mentioned, we wanted to create a simple process so your Finance Manager will handle this; all you need to do is tell us when and where you would like your car dropped off and our friendly driver will bring it straight to your door. Alternatively, you can pick it up yourself if you want to be behind the wheel as soon as possible. 


Lastly, we offer a 30-day vehicle exchange guarantee that no one else in the Ontario region provides which you must take advantage of if need be. Put simply — if you don’t like your car or, more specifically, if it does not fit the needs of you and your family, then you can return it to us, and we will swap it out for one in our inventory that will! This rarely needs to happen, but just in case, we wanted to prove to all of our customers that we really do have their best interests at heart. 


Who Do We Help to Obtain Car Loans in Mississauga?


Our objective is not just to sell cars to our clients, it is to help them make the adaptations to their life that they need to in order to improve it. This is why we specialize in helping people who have not been able to gain approval for car loans in Mississauga anywhere else. We care about everyone and want all of our delightful customers to lead the lives they truly deserve. 


If you have a bad credit score or history, we know that the circumstances that took you there were more than likely out of your control. For this reason, we will never penalize you for this as traditional lenders do. Instead, we will coach you through the whole process and find you a loan that will, over time, increase your score to a good level. 


You Can Get Car Loans in Mississauga Even If…


  • You have filed for bankruptcy
  • You have consumer proposals on your record
  • You have been consistently turned down by other dealers because of bad credit scores
  • You have only just settled in Canada
  • You own a car you would like to trade-in with us at
  • You deal with hard personal and financial struggles
  • You have found it difficult to become qualified for a loan due to unestablished credit


Most of the people we help to find car loans in Mississauga are scared that they will never be approved because of their less than average credit score when they first get in touch with us. However, they quickly realize that, with’s help, they can indeed get the approval they deserve. If you don’t believe us, take a little trip to the testimonials section of our website and see the thrilled words of all of the people we have worked miracles for! 


So, if you are in need of a car loan in Mississauga and are tired of all the denials, get in touch with us right now. It may be the best decision you make all year.