Car Loans Brampton


People may have told you that, when you have bad credit scores, a car loan is not what you need. But, actually, these people clearly don’t know the benefits that having a loan like this can have on your score. At, we ensure to garner the lowest interest rates for your loan which coincides with a vehicle that perfectly fits your circumstances and needs, thus making it easy to repay and boost your credit score! 


Our selection of 5,000 new and used vehicles is reliable, safe and affordable which will allow you to have fun on the weekends and provide for your family on your workdays. Coupled with a repayment schedule that suits you, your credit score will rebuild itself over time and lead you and your loved ones onto greater things. 


We will never penalize you for a credit history that is out of your control. It simply isn’t fair to do so (even though traditional lenders have a habit of this). That’s why we work with proven strategies to give you a second credit chance — never settle for less, even if you aren’t proud of your score.


How to Apply for Car Loans in Brampton


The first step is to fill out the application form located on our website. It is an extremely one, where we only ask for very basic information so you can carry on with your busy lives as soon as possible. 


After this, you should expect a call back from one of our expert Finance Managers who will continue the process with you. Your application will be completed once this has all been finished. 


Your credit score and history will then be reviewed by a master team member of ours. Then, we will scour the extensive database of lenders and fight to get you the lowest interest rate we possibly can. The best part is that we don’t make any money from this stage at all, so you can trust that we’re working purely on your behalf and have no hidden agendas! We want to make sure you can comfortably afford to repay the loan each month so it can act as a tool for rebuilding your credit score and improving your life for yourself and loved ones. 


Next, the approval for the specific loan will come through and we can start the most exciting step — picking out your vehicle! Here at, we have access to over 5,000 new and used vehicles including cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Our goal is to find something that meets your personal requirements and fits nicely into your budget and the loan you have been approved for. You can choose from makes such as Honda, Audi, Ram, Ford, KIA, Toyota, Volkswagen and so many other well-known, reliable vehicle brands — you are bound to something that is simply perfect for you. 


Oh, before we forget to mention it, we should tell you that we offer a 30-day vehicle exchange policy for all of our beautiful customers! What is this? It just means that, if you decide your initial vehicle doesn’t click with your requirements, you can let us know and we’ll swap it out for another in our inventory. You never have to stick with a car you aren’t truly happy with again!


Anyway, back on track after that exciting intermission to tell you about the greatest policy on earth. 


Once you have chosen your vehicle, our professional team will complete the paperwork and the deal will be done and dusted. At this stage, you don’t have to touch all the complicated, boring stuff — you just need to let us know the right date, time and location for one of our friendly drivers to deliver your car to your doorstep. It’s as simple as A, B, C! 


Who Do We Help to Obtain Car Loans in Brampton?


We help everyone and their dogs to acquire car loans in Brampton! Our ethos surrounds helping those with poor credit scores and histories to not only provide them with the right vehicle for them but to obtain a loan that will get them back on track by rebuilding their score. We don’t think short term. Long term is more our style! 


A great vehicle with affordable monthly repayments could be the difference between our client’s debt cycle breaking or it carrying on forever. We understand this and while it might seem like a lot of pressure, we have plenty of strategies in place to ensure we get it right. 


You Can Get Car Loans in Brampton Even If…


  • You have found it difficult to be approved for loans with traditional lenders due to poor credit
  • You are in receipt of bankruptcies or consumer proposals
  • You keep being declined by other lenders
  • Your personal struggles affect your financial life
  • You have only just migrated to Canada
  • You own a car you would like to trade in


If you fall within these categories, we can definitely help you — you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you have stumbled upon us! Our happy customers have been shocked at how quickly we can have them behind the wheel of a vehicle that is right for them, despite their less than average credit score. It’s just what we do. And we’re insanely proud of our people, processes and resources that allow us to do it!