4 Budgeting Apps to Help You Get Financially Organized

4 Budgeting Apps to Help You Get Financially Organized

Not all of us have access to a financial advisor, but we do have access to our mobile phones. With the convenience of apps, we can now plan our finances right from home. There’s no need to draw a chart on excel cause there’s an app for that.  Apps on our phones have made it so easy for us to get organized with our money. Whether it’s coming in or going out, it’s always good to know how you’re spending your money and how you’re saving it – if at all.

With the right app that works for you, you can be your own advisor and get help on a variety of things like;

-Budgeting for household expenses

-Preventing overspending

-Getting out of debt

-Growing your savings


Here is a list of our top five favourite financial apps right now;

Mint: One of the first apps that took the financial planning tools we needed and brought them to our phones. Created by the same company that brought us QuickBooks and TurboTax, Mint is a trendsetter in its category. The app will connect with your bank and bridge your active accounts so that you can see everything laid out. You can link your credit cards, bills and any investment accounts you may have. The app allows you to budget and plan how you want to spend your money and how to save. It’s easy to use on both iPhone and Android, and it’s free.


Receipts: Just like the name says, the app is a receipt organizing tool that will help you manage and track your spending. Whether your receipts are work-related or personal, the app lets you file them accordingly. Take a photo of our receipt and allow the app to fill in the information needed to save on file. Details such as the store name, amount, date, location, and the purchase will be entered and categorized. The best part of this digital receipt filing system is that you can save, search, print, and email this information at any time. Receipts is available on iTunes or try SmatReceipts Pro on other devices.


Your personal Bank App: If you haven’t done so already, then download your bank’s app on your phone right now. All banks have an app that will give you access to your accounts directly from your phone. You will always have access to your balance, and depending on the bank, you’ll be able to make simple transactions right from your phone. Send money, accept email money transfers and oftentimes, even depositing a cheque by following the picture process. The main reason that you want your account information handy is so that you can manage your chequing and savings account any time. You need to know what you’re working with before you can start planning how you’re going to spend it or save it.


Debt Manager: This app uses the Snowball Method to help you get out of debt by using the tools of visually tracking and paying off everything that you owe. Once downloaded, you can enter your loans and payments such as your mortgage, student loans, and credit card payments. Then you set priorities and work towards your goal. A key feature is that you can set multiple ways to pay off your debt by choosing “Lowest Balance first” or “Highest Interest rate first.”  You can also set “hypothetical” payment scenarios to see what your payment plan would look like if you contributed more to one loan each month. The app is $1.39 in the App Store.


With so many apps available right at your fingertips, it’s worth taking the time to explore the ones that will work best for you. Sometimes having the right tools, is just what we need to get started a new path.

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