10 Ways to Save Money This FALL

10 Ways to Save Money This FALL

The kids are back to school, and Fall is just around the corner. Before you know it, we’re getting ready for back to back holidays and all the shopping. So before the leaves start changing colours, why not get ready for the season ahead with some hot tips to keep you comfortable all through the winter. Keep your budget in check and make the most of the season.

FALL SALES: Take advantage of the fall deals in-store and on-line. The Black Friday deals can be aggressive, and it may be the perfect time to purchase that broken toaster over or get a new reading light in the kids’ room. Take inventory of the things in your home that need to be replaced and have a list of what you need before you go shopping.


HOLIDAY SHOPPING LIST: Get ready for the holidays in advance by planning your shopping list ahead of time. Take the time weeks or even months in advance to prepare your list and don’t be afraid to get detailed. Include your gift ideas next to the recipients’ name and leave a space for the gift that was actually purchased and how much you spent. Being organized will help you from over buying and staying on budget.


BE WARY OF SCAMMERS: The holiday season does bring out the scam artists, and you may notice extra spam emails. Take the time to review the emails from your bank or favourite retailers. If they are asking for personal information, be extra cautious. Check the email address and be skeptical of its content.


GET YOUR HOME WINTER READY: Preparing your house for the winter can save you money on your utilities. Check your insulation, make sure your roof is intact, and clean out your furnace filter. You can do most of these yourself or ask a friend or family member to help out.


CHECK-IN ON YOUR BUDGET: It’s easy to get carried away with our spending habits during the holiday season. Take the time to review your budget and monthly spending. Maybe you can cut back on eating out a few times to manage the cost of a few most gifts.


EAT IN: Crock pot season is in full effect. Stock up on hearty fall vegetables and make big meals that you can freeze and enjoy later. Having leftovers and meals ready in the freezer can help cut back on spending money on take-out food. Take advantage of the long nights to look up new recipes. Preparing a home cooked meal can boost your mood during the winter blues and save you money on take-out and get the family together for some quality time.


SWAP PARTY: With the holiday parties and occasions, comes new outfits and spending money on shopping. Host a swap party and save money on new outfits and recycle items in your closet. Are the kids asking for new Halloween costumes this year? Ask your Swap Party guests and neighbours to bring their previously worn costumes. This is a great way to be economical this season and be more eco-conscious.


DIY: Get creative and make your own decorations this season. Use what you already have to make new festive arrangements. Make your own candles or tree ornaments. If you really get inspired, you might want to try DIY gifts this season too. Perhaps it’s making jam for the family or knitting a scarf for a friend. There’s nothing like a handmade gift to give your loved ones.


NEGOTIATE YOUR BILLS: Pick two or three of your highest monthly bills and call the provider to re-negotiate your plans. This can be your phone bill, internet or insurance. Usage may have changed on your end or they may be offering a new discounted rate.


DECLUTTER: Take the time to get rid of nick-knacks and things that you’re not using anymore. Decluttering and letting go of unnecessary items can feel good and you could make some extra cash. Post your unwanted jewelry, cloths or old toys on Facebook Market Place, eBay, or Kijiji.

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